Transfer knowledge faster with Find & Follow

Are you ready to improve your training & operational efficiencies once and for all? This short 30-minute course will provide a visual overview of how the Find & Follow Framework will empower you and your team to transfer knowledge faster and more efficiently, creating a more productive workplace.

What you'll learn in this course

  • Why we need to reframe the "learning problem" into a "knowledge transfer problem"

  • How an effective knowledge operations strategy empowers confident & independent employees

  • What you need to implement the Find & Follow Framework at your organization

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Course Curriculum:

Here's what's included in the course

    1. What is This Course About?

    2. Find & Follow in Action

    1. The 3 Parts to Business Operations

    2. Change & Complexity Magnify the Challenge

    3. Renaming the Problem

    4. Learning vs. Transferring Knowledge

    5. The Modern Way of Doing New Things

    1. What is Knowledge Operations?

    2. Tribal Stage

    3. Document Stage

    4. Guide Stage

    5. Train Stage

    6. Accelerate Stage

    7. Becoming More Mature

    1. The Flywheel

    2. The Four Systems Overview

    3. The Prepare System

    4. The Train System

    5. The Empower System

    6. The Adapt System

    7. The 4 Systems in Action

    1. 3 Things You Need to Implement Find & Follow

    2. Executive Sponsorship

    3. A Team

    4. Knowledge Ops Platform

    5. Ready to Get Started?

About this course

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  • 0.5 hours of video content

Meet the Instructor

Jonathan DeVore, Co-Author of Find & Follow

Jonathan DeVore is the lead consultant at ScreenSteps, helping organizations of all sizes implement the Find & Follow Framework. 

Jonathan's career began as a CPA at PwC, where he first identified that effective knowledge transfer was a persistent challenge in environments where compliance was crucial, and change was a constant factor. 

Later, Jonathan joined ScreenSteps to continue innovating knowledge transfer strategies and tactics. Over the past decade, he has worked hands-on with clients to determine what works in theory and what actually works in practice.