Find & Follow: The Basics

The Basics is a foundational course on the Find & Follow Framework. This course is a companion resource to provide a more visual explanation of the concepts introduced in the book, Find & Follow.

Reduce stress and improve efficiency with the Find & Follow Framework

Instead of relying on tribal knowledge and memorization, the Find & Follow Framework helps you create a culture focused around guided knowledge.

Every time an employee needs to perform a task or solve a problem, they find the digital guide and follow the instructions.

What changes when you move from tribal knowledge to guided knowledge? Everything.

Operational knowledge impacts every aspect of your business. When you change the way you think about and use knowledge, your entire organization becomes more efficient.

  • Train & onboard new-hires faster than ever

  • Develop confident, independent, & productive employees

  • Eliminate employee questions and mistakes

  • Reduce stress for supervisors, trainers, employees, and customers

Reduce supervisor burnout & improve employee performance with Find & Follow

A better way to transfer knowledge